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Welcome to the Draconity Wiki: Currently Under Reconstruction
A project by the members of

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Please go to the Sandbox for further instructions if you intend to contribute!


Welcome to the Draconity Wiki, a repository of information about draconity, otherkin and related topics. This wiki is created and maintained by members of and focusses on the draconity aspect of the Other community.


The community contains dragonkin and otherkin, new and old, therians, those who know someone who identifies as such, and those who are interested in the phenomenon. The principle of this wiki is to make the collective knowledge of the community openly accessible to anyone who is looking to learn about the phenomenon. Here, the information can be consolidated and built upon and ultimately shared with the wider community.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Otherkin, understand that this is also a spiritual topic, and as such does vary as a concept within the community. We encourage understand and tolerance through the dissemination of information, and hope to allay any misunderstandings that may exist.


All over the world there are representations are serpentine creatures: wyverns, classical european-type dragons, amphitere, lindworm, eastern loong, sea serpents, amphitere and the feathered quetzalcoatl of South America. 'Dragon' is used as something of a catch-all to cover all these creatures even though, morphologically, they can differ as much as a crocodile differs from a heron.

Members of the dragonkin community might identify with any of these creatures, or a more personal construct that bears a similarity to these. The precise dragon or dragons that any individual identifies with are significant to that person in a sense that could be symbollic or strongly spiritual.

The idea of dragons is explored further on the page dedicated to the community's understanding of the concept 'Dragon'.

We recognise that some of our audience may come from outside the otherkin community; we ask all readers to approach the content with an open mind and recognise that each person may have their own spirituality.


While we strive to write articles in the most neutral point possible, and trying to cite references, sometimes it may happen that certain things have either no possible reference or all of them are backed up by the community users alone. Pages that contain said information will have a special label to identify this difference.
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