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Otherkin and Media




Forums and IRC

Forum history, forum information.


Draconic is a community for dragons maintained by KaniS (Chris Dragon). However the IRC server is not maintained and run by KaniS. It was established in 1997 and is currently the longest surviving dragon otherkin community that survived the test of time. It is one of the dragon communities that do not allow roleplaying. The site features a message board for community members to share their ideas and thoughts. Draconic website has a "Find a Dragon", which is a database of users information. The "Find a Dragon" functionality allows users of the site to search for dragons based on their location and keyword. The site also allows putting descriptions and pictures of their dragonselves and their real selves, as well as dragon traits information (such as age, height, color and so on) which is reflected in the user profile.


Defunct forums

Dragon-Realms, alt.dragon?

Aim of Online Communities

History of Online Communities

Often Confused with:

Role-players and Role-playing

Role-playing is a phenomenon that many are likely familiar with, even if they do not participate in modern role-playing games.

Children often create personas and creatures when they play games, during they game they may be a doctor, or pretend to be a dinosaur or robot, and after the playing ceases they no longer act as that persona. Similarly in role-playing games, an individual creates a character for the game and acts out as that character would to presented situations. This could be in table-top role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, or the plethora of video games that fit the genre for example: the Elder Scrolls series, the Mass Effect trilogy etc. These are all games where a character is created specifically for the role. Some people may use a personality similar to their own, but it is entirely acceptable to create a unique and purposeful character and fully develop their backstory.

Herein is where issues arise when role-playing and the otherkin community meet. Many forums do not allow role-playing in their main board, or at all. The general intention of boards is as a location for spiritual discussion or discussion regarding how being otherkin impacts their lives, if it does. If an individual begins to role-play it is not always easy to pick up initially, given the esoteric and spiritual nature of the discussion.

Standard discussion is not role-play, it is discussion of personal beliefs and life. Role-playing hampers the discussion of topics by introducing a character with established background and interaction methods.





Otherkin in popular culture

While often not named as such, there are many instances of similar concepts in popular culture and historical mythology. This section will focus more on modern media.


  • Tehanu in the Tehanu and The Other Wind by Ursula Le Guinn
  • Daemons in the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman


Video Games

  • The Dragonborn (Dohvahkiin) in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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