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Info for Contributors

Please refer to

On Pages

The root pages are: Front Page, Otherkin, Spirituality, Media

Until there is substantial content on these pages, no more pages are to be created. Furthermore, if you believe a new page should be created, CHECK to see if it has already been created!


For now we will follow the standard wikipedia colour layout specifically for Hue: 100 as this gives complimentary pale greens to our website. from lightest to darkest, these are:

  1. F8FFF5 (palest green)
  2. EEFFE6 (paler green)
  3. DAF2CE (pale green)
  4. ACBFA3 (use me on borders)

Page Content

Tree Diagram of expected structure of the wiki. Clearly smaller branches will contain key words from other smaller branches, but the main article sectioning should look like this. Every article should be a subset of another section. This prevents 'floating pages' and redundancies. A 'twig' will remain part of its parent 'branch' until there is enough content in the 'twig' to warrant its own page. This stops clutter.

See image to the right for a visual example of the expected wiki structure.

  • Otherkin: What is, factioning (types: dragons, faeries etc), awakening
    • Dragonkin: wide variety of 'dragon', subsection on dragon types, failure of classification
    • Therians: animal varieties, etc
  • Spirituality (and how it relates to otherkin): different methods of being otherkin (soul, past life, non-spiritual), 'shifting', totemism, otherkin and religion
    • magic: esotericism, ritualism
    • Other perspectives on spirituality and magic
  • Media: representation of dragons and otherkin and similar concepts in media
    • Websites and forums: how they are used to make communities, active, no longer active
    • Roleplaying: pros, cons, confusion

On citations and references


Stuff like the Dragonology book by 'Drake' or whatever is a fiction, do not reference it in the section on dragon types or dragonkin unless you really want us to look silly. It can be discussed in the Media section as it is a 'dragons in books' topic.

On Tone

Use a neutral tone. That means no impassioned essays on the impacts of draconity on life. If this wiki is to be taken seriously then it needs to be competitive in terms of neutrality and presentation of as many points of view as possible.

Editing etiquette

Please write in the discussion section for a page that you have edited, detail what you have edited and why and timestamp using four tildes '~' with no space between

Happy Editing!

Anything Contributors Would Like To Say

Please timestamp anything you type here (: Arkturium (talk) 16:49, 22 January 2014 (EST)

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